The greatest sound in the world ever

Bronze, aluminium, sandstone, gold leaf (2009)

The Nominations Are …

Throwing a bunch of keys in the air
Two marbles hitting each other
Rain from inside a tent
Rain on grass
Opening a bottle of beer
Bird song
The sound of silence
The school bell
The city after a fresh fall of snow
A purring kitten
Whisky over ice
Sound of the sea
Husband cooking the dinner
South African thunder about four in the afternoon
A crackling fire
Baby’s laughter
Rain on a roof
My dog snoring
Theme tune of Coronation St
Removing the cork on a wine bottle
My sleeping partner breathing
The ‘Doppler effect’ (the sound of an object passing you dropping in pitch)
Blowing a reed in primary school
Swishing doors on the Starship Enterprise
Saloon doors flapping
A sonic boom

A minor bird making a wolf whistle
Popping the seal on a jar of coffee
Walking through deep piles of autumn leaves
A scream
Pa Pa – Pa Pa – Pa Pa – Pa Pa – Pa Pa Pa, Pa Pa – Pa Pa – Pa Pa – Pa Paaaaa – PA!
Girlfriend playing the piano
Bubble wrap
George Clooney’s voice
Flags on windy days
Thick felt marker on paper
Sigh of satisfaction after sex
Friend rustling a bag of crisps
The last song at your first disco
Frying bacon in the morning
The really soft ‘bom’ at the end of Countdown
A skylark
Old car doors closing (with a slight but not heavy push)
Waves receding over pebbles
My voice
The sound of your lovers heartbeat, your ear to their chest
‘Harribo’ said in a Yorkshire accent
When you stretch out a slinky and tap the bottom, it sounds like a lazer gun
The sound of those bells (hand held) I heard in Princes Street yesterday
Rubbing the back of your hand over stubble
Snapping a bar of chocolate into little pieces after taking it out of the fridge
My niece’s voice
The sound a guard makes when he spots you in metal gear, solid
Barbie’s knees clicking
The ‘tsss’ noise when you put a hot potato skewer in water
Harry Potter theme tune
The tinkley sound a spoon makes when stirring a nice hot cuppa
John’s sweet voice
A heartbeat
Mowing the lawn
The sound of those old push-pull lawn mowers
My own wee going right into the centre of the water in the toilet
The PS3 turning on
The sound of the rain forest
David Tennant’s voice
The sound of sizzling as cold water is put on a hot frying pan
A newborn baby’s cry
Rain falling on a humid day
Purring cat
A TVR in a tunnel
‘Tub’ bicycle tyres in rhythm on tarmac
Unfastening Velcro
Crushing egg shells inside an egg box
A heart beating
A football crowd cheering after a minutes silence
“Hanker chains, plane motors and train whistles”
A steel bagatelle ball in motion
An SLR camera shutter (especially an Edixa Reflex)
Throwing a sandwich at a car window
Car tyres on a gravel driveway
Penelope Cruz whispering
Opening the ring-pull on a can
A Pilotonne of cyclists passing by
Church bells on your wedding day
Your baby’s first gasp for air
The wind whistling around the house
Contagious laughter