“Hans K Clausen’s studio is a wunderkammer writ large. From his collection of objects, found and sourced, Clausen attempts to make sense of our world, he states his practice is: ‘an enquiry into the meaning making of life, how we employ objects to punctuate our lives or to escape from them.’

With an art degree added to social work and health care careers, Clausen frequently takes his practice ‘into the community’ applying his working approach to projects that help others to define their place or make sense of their circumstances. In his work he frequently stands toe to toe with the big three; birth, life and death, in tackling these universal themes I would argue that Clausen advocates understanding over escape.”

Gordon Munro, Assistant Director, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (Coup de’Theatre, 2017)


“I am interested in the ‘thingness’ of things; in the visual vocabularies, narrative qualities and emotive associations of ubiquitous objects. The interaction between people and their material culture is a recurring area of enquiry in my work; how we look, how we read visual language, how we make sense of our material world and how the stuff that surrounds us becomes us.

I am intrigued by the provenance, meaning and power of objects and by the forces of materialism, marketing, consumerism and obsolescence. Through the language of ‘stuff’ my work attempts to examine the relationship between artist, object and viewer and to challenge conventional notions of authorship and ownership, production and consumption, making and creating ”

Hans K Clausen



2019 (October) St Columba’s Hospice, Edinburgh

2019 (April) Hand to Hand, British Art Medal Society, Glasgow

2019 (March) Cascade, University of Edinburgh, COL staff exhibition


2018 (Dec) Scottish Society of Artists Annual Show, Royal Scottish Academy

2018 (August) Anatomy of Fleeting Moments, Anatomical Museum, Edinburgh Art Festival


2017 (Dec) The People’s Museum of Memory and Myth, Permanent Commission, NHS.

2017 (Aug) Iron: Origins and Destinations, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop


2016 (Dec) Coup de Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

2016 (Oct) Collector, curated by Hans K Clausen for Arcadeum, Whitespace, Edinburgh

2016 (July) Far Enough, Kulturzentrum Klosterkirche, Angermunde, Germany

2016 (Jan) On the Circus, Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh


2015 (March) – What Remains, (two artist show), Generator Gallery, Dundee

2015 (February) – Selected Group Exhibition, Urbane Art Gallery, Edinburgh

2015 (February) – VAS:T 2015 , Visual Arts Scotland, National Galleries, Edinburgh


2014 (December) – ‘So Much Depends Upon …’, for Nil by Mouth, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh

2014 (November) – ‘So Much Depends Upon …’, for Nil by Mouth, Scottish Parliament

2014 (June) – Summer Exhibition 2014, Caol Ruadh, Scottish Sculpture Park, Argyll

2014 (March) – LSA 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Dovecot Gallery, Edinburgh


2013 (August) – CroatiaScotia, for Edinburgh Art Festival, Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh

2013 (July) – Slice, The Whisky Bond, Glasgow

2013 (March) – Society of Scottish Artists Annual Show, Edinburgh RSA Galleries


2012 (December) – Royal Scottish Academy Open, RSA Galleries, Edinburgh

2012 (October) – Signature Art Prize, Gala Exhibition, London -Winner

2012 (July) – Falling, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh

2012 (June) – ECA Graduate Show 2012, Edinburgh College of Art


Artist Residencies

2015 (March) – 2019 (March). Arcadeum, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh and Lothian’s Health Foundation and North Edinburgh Arts. Community Artist in Residence and Public Art Commission for development of a new Community Partnership Health Centre.

2017 (March) – 2018 (Dec.) Where it Hurts + Where it Heals, Commission for public engagement workshops and exhibitions for the Art and Design programme for the ‘new’ Royal Hospital for Children, Edinburgh. NHS Lothian and Ginkgo.

2017 (Feb.) – 2018 (Sept.) Highlighter, Foundation Scotland and Spirit of Dumbiedykes. Residency and community engagement public art project, Edinburgh.

2014 (Jan. – Sept.)YoHoArt, Yorkhill Children’s Hospital and Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art. Taking contemporary art practice into the hospital community.

2013 (Nov) – 2014 (Nov) Nil by Mouth, Creative Scotland and Crichton Carbon Centre. An art and science project exploring sustainability, included 5 weeks in the Outer Hebrides

2014 (February – April) Outside-Insight, Lomond View School, Inverclyde Council. An outdoor project with young people excluded from full time education, building art interventions and shelters using found materials.

2012 (Oct) – 2013 (June) When One Door Closes, Mearns Education Centre, Greenock. Nine month residency in a special education unit resulting in a multi media exhibition turning the closing school into a temporary gallery.



2019 (September – contracted) NHS Forth Valley Organ Donation Committee; permanent sculpture commission for Forth Valley Hospital (for completion spring 2020)

2017 (December – completed). NHS Lothian/Edinburgh Lothian Health Foundation; permanent sculpture commission for Pennywell All Care Centre, North Edinburgh. The People’s Museum of Memory and Myth. (www.pmmm.co.uk)

2013 (December) Featured Artist, Glass Magazine, Avant Art (London)

2013 (January) Selected Artist, Catlin Art Guide 2013, (London)

2013 (January) Invited Graduate Artist, Society of Scottish Artists, RSA, Edinburgh

2012 (October) Signature Art Prize, Winner (Sculpture), Degree Art, London

2012 (June) Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Graduate Studio Award, Edinburgh



2019 The People’s Museum of Memory and Myth, with G. Ryan, Creative ScotlanD

2017 Public Institution as Material, Publicness in Art, (Issue 3) with K. Bruce and S. Barr, Revista MESA. Editors Gogan and Vergara.

2017 Imaginations Interiors Surfaces, Knowing from the Inside, Editor E.A. Hodson, University of Aberdeen Publication